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The World that Turns - Why?

We started this blog with the aim of sharing relevant information and offering a space to explore various subjects. We wanted to create a site where you can discover new ideas, new concepts, and new perspectives. Whether it's a favorite or a unique find, we have taken the time to search for them, analyze them, and present them here for your benefit.

In addition to sharing our findings, we also wanted to delve into deeper topics. We want this blog to be more than just a place for entertainment, but also a valuable source of information. By addressing issues that we find relevant and current, we seek to educate, enlighten, and inspire you.

Since our beginnings, we have expanded our team by welcoming a new writer. Her passion and dedication to this field have enriched our blog, bringing a new perspective and even greater content diversity.

We want to point out that even though our platform does not offer a comment section, we place great importance on your experience. Our mission is to provide you with quality content that sparks reflection and stimulates innovation. We aspire to create content that has an impact and makes a difference.

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Welcome to our blog, and happy reading.

The Editorial Team

Grégory Le Guerrec, the World that TurnsGrégory Le Guerrec

Grégory Le Guerrec, 35, is a born traveler who has turned his passion for exploration into captivating words.

Former engineer, he traded his love for numbers for the freedom of letters and now delivers articles as precise as an equation, but much more fun.

Always ready for a new adventure, he asserts that "writing is like a road trip, every comma is a new destination".


Isabelle PavonIsabelle Pavon

Isabelle Pavon, 31, is a natural storyteller, drawing on her love of arts and architecture to enrich her articles.

This passionate Parisian, with a weakness for green tea and botanical gardens, knows how to create a true symphony of words.

As she often says, "every stone has a story to tell, and I am here to listen".