Filming with a drone: tips for breathtaking aerial videos

Drones have become an essential tool for amateur or professional videographers and photographers. Filming with a drone allows you to obtain a unique perspective from up high and adds an extra dimension to traditional videos. However, creating stunning aerial sequences requires more than just mastering the drone controls. In this article, we will address the main tips, shot types, equipment that will help you succeed in your aerial videos.

Choosing the right equipment

Before starting to film, it is essential to choose the right equipment to successfully carry out your project. Some models offer different features and technical characteristics, thus meeting different needs.

Drone suitable for video

If the goal is to capture smooth and stable images, then it is recommended to use a drone equipped with a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. This will ensure the stability and quality of your aerial shots by reducing vibrations during the drone's movements.

High definition camera

Opt for a drone with an HD, 4K or higher camera to obtain high-resolution images. Cameras integrated in some high-end models allow you to capture precise and detailed sequences, essential for a professional result.

Mastering the drone

Before diving into the realization of aerial videos, it is necessary to master the basics of piloting your drone. Indeed, even if some drones have piloting assistance options, it is important not to neglect practice to ensure the smooth progress of your shots.

Regular training

It is essential to train regularly to pilot your drone. Handling this device can sometimes be complex, and it is important to become familiar with its different options such as controlling altitude, distance, speed, or camera tilt.

Compliance with regulations

Drone piloting must be done in compliance with the laws in force in the country where you plan to film. Learn about the required conditions for flying (maximum altitude, restricted areas, specific authorizations...) to avoid any issues during the realization of your aerial videos.

Tips for successful aerial shots

After good preparation and serious training, here are some tips to improve your shots when filming with a drone.

Think in terms of movement

One of the strengths of a drone is to offer unprecedented freedom of movement. Take this into account when shooting, aiming to create dynamic and varied shots that will highlight your subject. Be imaginative: play with angles, soar above the subject, or move away to include a spectacular landscape.

Vary the shots

To obtain exciting aerial videos, do not hesitate to vary the types of shots: take wide shots, tracking shots (parallel movements), zoom in or out, or circular movements around the subject.

Master the light

Light is an essential element for successful impressive aerial shots. To achieve an optimal result, try to film at the best times of the day such as sunrise and sunset, when the light offers striking colors and contrasts.

Essential post-production

Your video should not be limited to the raw editing of the captured images. Spend time on post-production to improve the quality of your content with editing software, color correction, stabilization, and special effects.

With these tips, you can significantly improve your skills in creating aerial videos with a drone. Also, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from other videographers and practice to create captivating travel videos. The key to success lies in practice, experience, and continuous learning. It's your turn!