Set up your terrace with a large flower box.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to embellish your terrace, there is nothing better than opting for a large flower box. Not only will this add a touch of color and life to your outdoor space, but it will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of plants on our environment. In this article, we will present to you how to choose the right flower box for your terrace, as well as some tips for maintaining it.

What are the advantages of a large flower box for your terrace?

A large flower box can bring many benefits to your terrace. Firstly, it helps to structure the space by creating well-defined areas, while offering a practical solution for those who lack space on the ground. Additionally, thanks to its size, a large flower box can accommodate different plant species, promoting biodiversity and offering a captivating visual display.

Finally, a large flower box is an ecological solution to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution in your environment. Plants absorb polluting gases and produce oxygen, while also acting as a natural barrier against outdoor noise.

How to choose the right large flower box for your terrace?

1. Consider the available space

To choose the ideal large flower box, it is important to first consider the space you have available.

There is a wide variety of flower boxes on the market, ranging from rectangular to square models, as well as cylindrical and even hanging planters. Make sure that the size of the flower box matches the available space on your terrace.

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2. Choose the right material

The choice of material is essential to ensure the durability and resistance of your large flower box.

The most common materials are:

  • Plastic: lightweight, inexpensive, and weather-resistant, plastic is a popular choice for flower boxes. However, it can discolor and crack over time, especially if exposed to the sun.
  • Terracotta: this natural material offers a traditional and warm look to your terrace. However, it is more fragile than other materials and needs to be protected from frost.
  • Wood: sturdy and durable, wood adds an elegant touch to your outdoor space. Make sure to choose treated or FSC certified wood to ensure responsible sourcing.
  • Metal: resistant and modern, metal is perfect for a contemporary look. Ensure that it is treated against corrosion for a long lifespan.

3. Prioritize drainage

Good drainage is essential to ensure the health of plants in your large flower box. Opt for a model with drainage holes and place a layer of clay balls or gravel at the bottom of the box to facilitate the drainage of excess water.

Large wooden flower box on terrace

Some tips for maintaining your large flower box on your terrace

1. Choose the right plants

Select plants that are suitable for your climate and the specific conditions of your terrace (sunlight, wind, etc.).

Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional to guide you in your choice.

2. Water regularly

Make sure to water your plants according to their specific water needs. In general, it is better to water little and often rather than flooding the soil once a week.

Regularly check if the soil is moist by inserting a finger a few centimeters deep.

3. Fertilize moderately

To ensure healthy and vigorous plant growth, it is important to provide the necessary nutrients.

Use a specific fertilizer for potted plants and follow the manufacturer's recommendations in terms of dosage and frequency.

4. Prune and clean regularly

To prevent your large flower box from being overrun by weeds and pests, remember to prune and clean the space regularly.

Remove dead leaves and wilted flowers, and trim any branches that are too long or damaged. Also, remember to check for any pests and apply appropriate treatment if necessary.

In conclusion, choosing and maintaining your large flower box will allow you to fully enjoy your terrace throughout the year. So do not hesitate and be seduced by this practical and aesthetic solution to enhance your outdoor space.