Arranging your garden: what budget to plan for an outdoor space that matches your dreams

The layout of a garden is a crucial step in creating a pleasant and harmonious outdoor space. The budget needed to design your garden depends on many factors such as the size of the land, the type of work to be done, and the materials used. In this article, we give you some key elements to estimate the cost of your landscaping project.

Various tasks to consider in garden design

Site preparation

The first step in arranging your green space is to prepare the land. This task may be more or less complex depending on the nature of the soil and the possible presence of existing structures.

Sometimes it will be necessary to carry out excavation, pruning, or clearing work, the prices of which vary depending on the area to be treated and the difficulty of the operations.


Landscaping itself includes various activities such as creating planting areas, installing an irrigation system, setting up a lawn, etc.

The costs associated with these tasks will of course depend on the characteristics of each project and the materials selected.

Creating pathways and terraces

Do you want to create pathways to move around your garden easily or set up a terrace to fully enjoy your outdoor space?

Again, the costs may vary depending on the size of the project, the materials used, and the level of difficulty of the work to be done.

Installation of lighting and decorative elements

To enhance your garden and make it more enjoyable to live in, you can also consider adding outdoor lighting as well as various decorative elements such as fountains, sculptures, or walls.

The budget required for these additions will essentially depend on the type of material chosen and the complexity of the installations.

Landscaper's cost

Utilizing a professional for garden design: the benefits

If you have little knowledge in gardening and landscaping, entrusting your project to a specialist can be a wise choice. Indeed, a landscaper has the expertise needed to design and carry out landscaping perfectly suited to your desires and your terrain. Additionally, they will advise you on the most suitable materials and techniques to achieve a durable and aesthetic result.

However, using a professional represents an additional cost that must be integrated into your overall budget. The fees of landscapers generally vary depending on the nature of the project, the area to be landscaped, and the services offered.

Do not hesitate to request several quotes to compare prices and choose the offer that best fits your budget and expectations.

Materials to prioritize for a durable and aesthetic garden design

The choice of materials used to design your garden is a key element in determining the final budget of your project.

Here are some tips to help you select materials that combine quality and aesthetics.

Garden design

For creating pathways and terraces:

  • Decorative concrete: strong and resistant, it has the advantage of being able to be colored and textured to imitate different materials such as natural stone or wood.
  • Interlocking pavers: easy to install, they offer a wide variety of shapes and colors to personalize your outdoor design.
  • Natural stone slabs: more expensive than other options, they nonetheless bring a unique charm to your garden with their authentic and timeless appearance.

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For planting areas:

  • Vegetable mulches: economical and ecological, they help limit water evaporation and reduce the appearance of weeds.
  • Metal, stone, or wood borders: ideal for delineating your flower beds and creating a structured effect, they are available in many styles and finishes.

For outdoor lighting:

  • Recessed LED spotlights: discreet and energy-efficient, they are perfect for illuminating your pathways and highlighting the decorative elements of your garden.
  • Solar spotlights: wireless and autonomous, they provide a practical and ecological solution for providing additional lighting to your outdoor space.

In conclusion, the budget to plan for designing your garden will depend mainly on the work to be done, the materials chosen, and whether or not you need to use a specialist. Take the time to carefully study each aspect of your project to determine the overall cost of your landscaping and achieve a result that meets your expectations.