Travel tester: Discover the secrets of this exciting job

Are you passionate about the world of tourism and want to make it your profession? Have you ever heard of the profession of travel tester or mystery shopper in the world of tourism products? If not, this article is for you!

In the following lines, discover the multiple facets of this professional activity as interesting as it is unique.

## The profession of travel tester: definition and mission

The travel tester, also called a mystery shopper, has the main mission of testing and evaluating various tourism products, such as accommodations, restaurants, transportation, cultural or sports activities, etc. Their role is to put themselves in the shoes of a real tourist to appreciate the quality of the services offered and ensure that they meet the expectations of future clients.

### Conducting travel tests

To carry out their missions, the travel tester must follow a precise and rigorous protocol.

They usually start by researching the destination, establishment, or activity to be tested, then make a reservation like any other client would. Once on site, they take care to note all the important elements, such as cleanliness, welcome, service, food quality, etc.

They may also be required to test specific activities or interact with other clients to gather their impressions.

### Reporting results and recommendations

After conducting their travel test, the mystery shopper writes a detailed report in which they present their observations, evaluations, and any suggestions for improvement.

This document is then forwarded to the company that commissioned the test, so they can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their tourism offering and implement the necessary actions to improve customer satisfaction.

## Skills required to practice this profession of travel tester

Becoming a travel tester is not something you can do on a whim! Certain qualities are essential to succeed in this profession.

### Keen observation skills

The travel tester must be able to quickly identify the key elements that contribute to the quality of the customer experience. For this, they must be attentive to details and able to take precise and comprehensive notes.

### Excellent analytical skills

To properly evaluate tourism products, the mystery shopper must be able to compare their observations with customer expectations, as well as industry standards.

This requires a solid knowledge of market trends and quality criteria in effect.

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### Good written expression skills

The report written by the travel tester must be clear, precise, and well-structured to allow the commissioning company to easily understand the areas for improvement.

Impeccable spelling and careful syntax are therefore essential.

### Developed interpersonal skills

As a mystery shopper, it is often necessary to interact with other clients or employees of the establishments visited. Therefore, being able to communicate with ease and diplomacy, without revealing one's true identity or intentions, is important.

## Advantages and disadvantages of the profession of travel tester

Like any profession, the job of a travel tester has both positive and negative aspects.

### Advantages

Among the main advantages of this activity, one can cite the opportunity to discover new travel destinations and experience various experiences, all while being paid.

Moreover, travel testers often benefit from advantageous conditions, such as preferential rates or promotional offers. Finally, this profession offers great flexibility and can be carried out in addition to another professional activity.

### Disadvantages

However, the job of a travel tester also has some constraints, especially in terms of availability and mobility.

Missions can sometimes be far from home or require frequent travel, which may be incompatible with family life or a busy schedule. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the role of the mystery shopper is primarily to evaluate tourism services, which implies respecting a precise framework and not getting distracted by the "vacation" aspect of the trip.

## How to become a travel tester?

While there is no specific training to become a travel tester, certain studies or professional experiences in the tourism field can be an asset to start in this path.

Furthermore, it is recommended to register with agencies specializing in recruiting mystery shoppers, which regularly offer missions adapted to the profiles of candidates.

Finally, do not hesitate to enrich your CV and cover letter with the skills and qualities mentioned above, in order to maximize your chances of success in this exciting profession!