Why offer goodies to build customer loyalty?

Maintaining a lasting relationship with its customers is one of the pillars of a company's success. In this perspective, promotional items, also called goodies, are an excellent way to strengthen ties with your clientele.

These corporate gifts, when well chosen and personalized, can prove to be real communication and marketing tools.

What is a goodie and why use it?

A goodie, or promotional item, is a gift offered by a company to its customers or prospects. It can be a pen, a USB key, a mug, a t-shirt, a bag, etc. The goal is to make an impression, pleasantly surprise, and create an emotional connection with the recipient.

Using goodies in your communication and marketing strategy has several advantages:

  • They allow you to convey your image and logo in a lasting and visible way.
  • They help retain your customers by offering them a gift that will be useful to them on a daily basis.
  • They are an excellent way to thank your customers for their loyalty.

By offering a goodie, you show your customers that you appreciate their support and trust.

Goodies also have a strong brand dissemination power. By using them, your customers are likely to share them with their circle, thus helping to promote your company to new prospects.

Goodies can also be used at professional events such as trade shows, conferences, or seminars. By offering promotional items on these occasions, you increase your visibility and create opportunities to meet and engage with potential clients or partners.

Finally, goodies are often seen as gifts, providing a positive experience for your customers. They reinforce the positive image of your company in the minds of the recipients. Goodies are an effective tool to promote your brand, retain your clients, and create opportunities to meet new prospects.

Original goodies to make an impression

While classic goodies have proven themselves, offering original goodies can help you stand out from the competition. For example, a company specializing in sustainable development could offer a bio cotton bag, a plant pot, or a reusable water bottle.

Moreover, an original and useful goodie is more likely to be kept by the client, thus extending its exposure to your brand.

Selection criteria

The choice of your corporate goodies must be thoughtful and strategic. It is important to consider several criteria:

  • The target audience: your goodies must meet the expectations and needs of your clients.
  • The budget: there is a wide range of promotional products available at various prices. Therefore, it is necessary to define a budget beforehand.
  • The occasion: the choice of gift may vary depending on the context (trade show, event, holiday season, etc.).
  • Your company's values: your goodies must be in line with the image you want to convey.

Promotional items

How to choose these corporate goodies

1. Think useful

Offer original items that can be used daily. For example, high-tech keychains, personalized water bottles, or portable solar chargers.

2. Think ecological

Propose goodies that reflect your company's values, such as items made from recycled materials, seeds to plant, or reusable bags.

3. Think technological

Tech products like personalized USB keys, power banks, or car phone holders are appreciated goodies because they are useful and modern.

4. Think original

Go for more daring goodies: a lamp shaped like your flagship product, a 3D puzzle of your logo, a thermosensitive mug that reveals your slogan... The important thing is to make a lasting impression on your clients and remain memorable.

5. Think practical

Choose goodies that are not too bulky and easy to transport for ease of distribution at your events.

Original goodies will not only help you differentiate yourself from the competition but also create a bond with your clients. They are an excellent communication tool, allowing you to subtly and effectively promote your brand. So do not hesitate to show creativity and innovation in the choice of your goodies!

Personalized goodies for targeted communication

The choice of goodie to offer depends on your target audience. It is essential that the gift is useful and appreciated by the recipient. Therefore, personalizing your goodies can be wise.

A study conducted in 2017 by the French Federation of Promotional Communication Professionals (2FPCO) revealed that 76% of respondents keep a promotional item because they find it useful.

You can personalize your goodies in various ways:

  • By adding your logo or slogan;
  • By choosing colors that match your graphic charter;
  • By opting for shapes that recall your activity or products.

Perspectives and market trends of goodies

Many companies have successfully retained their customer base through goodies. For example, the cosmetics brand Lush regularly offers samples of its products to its customers. Similarly, SNCF distributed TGV-shaped USB keys to travelers on the Paris-Lyon line.

These promotional items have helped strengthen their brand image and create a lasting bond with their customers.

With the evolution of technologies and consumer expectations, goodies are tending to become more personalized and original. One can notably mention the emergence of connected objects as new communication tools. Therefore, it is essential for your company to stay abreast of new trends to continue surprising and retaining your customers.